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About Us


In 2003, a small group of local area women and the community of South Padre Island rallied together to raise funds for a local resident, Jayanna, who was fighting breast cancer and sorely in need of financial help. The thousands of dollars raised enabled Jayanna to focus on what was truly important…fighting and beating breast cancer…which she did. Thankfully.

As for the small group of area women, they had a new resolve: help ease the financial burden that fighting breast cancer imposes on women and their families.

Hence, the formation of “Walk for Women”, an all-volunteer 501c(3) organization committed to helping women in the lower Rio Grande Valley with financial, prosthetic, and diagnostic support as they battle breast cancer.

Through the embrace of the community and annual fundraising events, chili cook-offs, fishing tournaments and sales of merchandise, Walk for Women is able to raise funds which then go to local area women who are fighting breast cancer. Moreover, through the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Walk for Women is able to offer to those who have been touched by breast cancer, a day of awareness, remembrance and celebration.

Women fighting breast cancer, and their families, should not have to choose between paying the electric bill or paying the insurance deductible; paying for a chemo treatment or buying groceries. For this reason, until there is a cure for breast cancer, Walk for Women will continue its mission to raise money to help local area women battling breast cancer.

“We cannot lift the overwhelming burden women fighting breast cancer carry, but with the financial assistance we provide, we hope to lighten their load, if only for a short while.” Quote from the volunteers of Walk for Women.